Natural Jadeite Jade and Nephrite

The first version is Jadeite which is mined in Myanmar and the other known as Chinese Nephrite which today is primarily found in Canada.

Both have a similar chemical composition with a few differences, have other densities and less interesting colors also it depends very much what the people finally like.

Lavender, green and white, which is free are of impurities are most popular, red contains iron, green has chromium traces, black the same plus iron, yellow contains tantalum, purple chromium, iron and cobalt. The most valuable is "Imperial green" with a high level of translucency. 

raw green white and lavender jade
Raw green white and lavender jadeite jade

The growing demand from China brings a continuous raise in prices. Since there is no real standard certification, such as with diamonds, the pricing is very volatile since everyone can
Jade Buddha sitting
interpret certain values into it.

On top of it certain people are cheating, as usual, by manipulation colors and translucency, this is done with high pressure and chemicals. Acid is used to bleach, resin and high pressure to fill cracks, somehow similar as they do with rubies.