Natural Jadeite Jade and Nephrite

The first version is Jadeite the second is Nephrite.

Both have a similar chemical composition with a few differences which are other densities and nephrite has rather dull and less intense colors and textures. That makes it overall not so interesting but less costly.

Lavender, green and white, which is free of impurities are most popular, red contains iron, green has chromium traces, black the same plus iron, yellow contains tantalum, purple chromium, iron and cobalt. The most valuable is "Imperial green" with a high level of translucency. 

raw green white and lavender jade
Raw green veins and lavender jadeite jade

The growing demand from China brings a continuous raise in prices. Since there is no real  standard certification, such as with diamonds, the pricing is very volatile since everyone can interpret certain values into it.

Here is nephrite
Here is nephrite
Jade Buddha sitting

On top of it certain people are cheating, as usual, by manipulation colors and translucency, this is done with high pressure and chemicals. Acid is used to bleach, resin and high pressure to fill cracks, somehow similar as they do with rubies. There is plenty of manipulation going on since the buyer usually is not aware of it. The problem come about 3 years later when the pretty thing deteriorates.

Green jade Buddha standing
Green Buddha Statue
Natural Jade Buddha

Popular creations made from the precious stones are Buddha statues. This is one of the oldest every day used materials by man. Tools have been made from, weapons such battle axes, arrow and lance tops, read more.

It was also used for ritual purposes and has some health properties when ground mixed with water and taken as a drink, people say this is good for kidneys.

jade rings conservative style
Rings old style
This days the only purpose is for jewelry and sculptures no other use is left and this is good so because resources dwindling and prices rising anyway.

Rings are attractive and visible jewelry, often people wear them not only as a precious decorative item but they interpret some mystic, health and protective property into it. 

This is rather superstition but people believe it, they mainly come with white gold and silver because the "cool" shades fits best. The picture shows cabochons naturally there are other forms. Interestingly a rather baroque design is the normality, modern forms are not many. Anyway this are beautiful and valuable items, read more. read more.

Natural is what the people want not tainted, just plain.

With pretty saturated colors and a high level of translucency. The market penetration of the high end material becomes higher as Myanmar is opening up it's borders and more people travel and have a look around. 

Natural green jadeite
Green and black natural jadeite
Every day airplane loads from Beijing, Shanghai etc. are coming to have a tour through the country and this mineral is positioned top on the shopping list, read more.

Genuine Green Jade

The mineral consists of two variants, one is jadeite and the other nephrite.

Both versions are available in a wide color spectrum. If someone is not an expert it’s sometimes difficult to figure what is a fake and what is real, means people get cheated by dishonest dealers.

The problem is not even just between genuine and fake, the problem is also between genuine natural and treated gemstone. For a normal buyers eye it is impossible to see what a treated item is and what a genuine one is. There are many other stone with green color either complete green or partial, partial is also normal with jade. 

It needs to check a few parameter before putting “money on the table” to confirm whether it is the true mineral, there are a number of methods to check if it is authentic jade.

Genuine green jade boulder
Genuine green jade boulder

The Chinese, Australian, British Columbia and other production is mostly nephrite.

other semi-precious stones can look like jade are aventurine quartz, serpentine, Turquoise, chrysocolla, malachite, some variants of agate, opaque dolomite marble and other. It is obvious
Genuine jadeite rock
that there are a number of traps someone can step into when not being careful when buying.

Now take a 10x magnifying glass and check the material by holding it against light, if there is a fibrous intertwining structure the material could be real nephrite or jadeite.
This is a high density gemstone, jadeite weighing around 3.3 and nephrite about 2.95 in density. 
Naural imperial jade on sale
Natural imperial jade on sale

If banging a material against a verified jade it should somehow
sound as it is like against a stone if the sound is more like plastic it’s a fake. 

Natural jade should feel smooth, cool and soft. It should give the feeling somehow of a new soap, when taking it into the hand for a while it should warm up slightly, if so the chance having the pure mineral in the hand is very high, read more.
Almost all types of rough jadeite
When buying a more expensive piece, let’s say over $ 1000,- make the seller agree to have it examined by an expert.

Dark green natural jadeite bead ball stretchy bracelet handmade
Light green genuine jadeite bead stretchy bracelet

Light green jade bead stretchy bracelet

A very valuable imperial jade pendant

Have high priced items checked by an independent lab first.

Evaluation offices are in many big cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Yangon, Singapore etc. The best items are called imperial jade which is the highest priced jadeite on the globe, it simply looks good.

Jade Stones Rocks and Boulders

The stones are also mined as rocks, boulders and river jade.

This pieces of jadeite and nephrite are found from sizes of a few millimeters up to several meters. When the rock is extracted it looks not much special but after the right treatment, cutting and a artist working on it it can become a very valuable piece of gemstone, jewelry or or decorative object.

The rocks and pebbles are mostly found in smaller sizes but sometimes huge size minerals are found in the quarry after the mountain is cut with explosives to unearthen them.
There are several areas in Kachin State one is Hpakant which is already in the "war zone" and most business can only be done with the protection of the military which make plenty of money with this.

On the other side several bigger local companies are using the situation to have people who are living there since centuries evicted by the military pretending security reasons. This actions naturally sparks violent reaction since the locals wont give away their land although most have no papers for it which is natural. In this area land papers were never issued but if someone lives on a plot of land for a long time it becomes his.

A lavender colored boulder extracted in Myanmar Kachin State
A lavender colored boulder from Myanmar Kachin State

Bangles & Bracelets Colors, Qualities and Prices

Most popular are Bangles and Bracelets.

Most buyer are after green colored ornaments and decoration but there is whole range of other colors. It needs to consider one thing which most people who buy them don't know and this is the fact that there is low quality "nephrite jade" and high quality "jadeite jade". 

Nephrite comes from China, Canada, Australia etc. but the only source of the top notch version of the mineral  is Myanmar and when you compare this two you immediately see the difference.  

Many people associate bangles with jade but they are also made from other minerals and metals often even wood with carvings to give an ethnic touch in particular from India as armlets. The first reference to them came from India and China around 2500 BC. At that time they were made from copper, gold and stones in south Asia and nephrite jade further east. They are made circular in shape and are worn to adorn the wrists. 

Jade bangle prices
Jade bangles colors, qualities and prices

To see the prices a bit better 

just click on the picture to enlarge, there is a good chance to get about 25% off after negotiation. The current problem with the high costs is mainly because there are a lot of Chinese tourists in the Myanmar and they drive the figures upwards.

Beautiful Jade Bangles

Prices for this quality jade jewelry are lower
For this qualities  and colors 
prices are lower

Today they whole spectrum made from metals, stones, brass, enamel (beautiful Indian Kundan), organic materials such as fabrics, silver and other materials with gemstones is easily available via online shopping. If you want to buy some in the higher price range it might be wise to do it traditional way and visit a shop to check it physically before paying because with
this jewelry where people can make quick cash quickly lots of cheating is going on with the materials.
Jadeite in the red color spectrum
That is diluting metals, enhancing the precious stones by heat treatment plus coating and plating. If someone is not a specialist it is rather difficult to look through and honest people are not many. E.g. Chinese producers are charging high prices of jade bangles but before they put them into acid for bleaching and enhancing the tone and translucency that makes them looking very attractive. The bad message is after some years the enhancement fades away and the pretty thing you bought may for $ 2000,- and more has junk value only.

What makes them particularly interesting is the variety of colors they are available especially when they are made from jadeite and not nephrite. For people of the east they have a dual use and idea, first  the idea is body decoration, jewelry and sculptures such as a “Jade Buddha” and second some spiritual connotations and protective properties. 

Imperial jade bracelets
Imperial jade bracelets

Pretty ball jade beaded bracelets

There is a large assortment of beautiful other novelties to wear just have a look for this great bracelets with different colored balls and beads.

Pretty ball beaded bracelets
Pretty ball beaded bracelets

Dark green jade handmade natural bead ball stretchy bracelet
Light green jade handmade natural bead stretchy bracelet

Light green jade handmade natural oval bead stretchy bracelet
Beautiful multicolor beaded bracelet (1)

Also here the same parameters apply, the better texture and color is and the higher the translucency, the higher the price. This factors can quickly make an item a few thousand $ more expensive. The top level is green grade A which finally is also called "Imperial Jade" or "Green Grass Jade" actually Chinese have about hundred more hues defined.

Beautiful handmade bracelets with great colors
Beautiful handmade jewelry with great colors

Pendants in various color and styles

Pretty and decorative pieces of jadeite and nephrite pendants

Pendants are some of the most popular creations of jade jewelry. Although quite small they often come not cheap at all, the price range goes from
Green imperial jade pendant
Green imperial jade pendant

maybe $ 20,- for a simple piece up to around $ 20.000,- for a exquisite imperial green transparent one. A good example is here, this green imperial jade item is on sale for around $ 17.000,-When buying anything make sure you get a official invoice otherwise problems could come up when leaving the country. 

Mystic black jade pendant

Also have the seller write down, that he or she certifies that this is natural, non treated jadeite, since plenty of "dirty enhancements" are going on to improve colors and appearance. Its amazing 

Jade Rings new and old style

There are two distinctive Ring styles, old fashion and new ideas

The conservative style of the rings contains almost always a cabochon on top of the metal structure and that is in green colors, some lighter, other darker. 

A ring is the nearest and smallest possible version to satisfy the common superstition that the mineral is protecting against evil and has positive influence on the health of the wearer.

Genuine oval green jade rings in white gold
Genuine oval green jade rings in white gold
Rings with imperial jade cabochons
With imperial jade cabochons

Jewelry with a rather conservative style

Some pretty decoration for the finger
Selecting natural pieces for cabochons

Three most popular rings with ruby sapphire and jade cabochons

Raw jade to make jewelry from

What about some ruby rings
What about some ruby rings

Now some new style jadeite rings

Jade rings from one piece

Lavender Color Jade Rings
Lavender Color Rings

Imperial Jade

The most valuable version is Imperial Jade 

This variant of the precious stone with the right transparency can fetch thousands of dollars. Especially Chinese people are after jewelry since beside of the beauty of the item they interpret some curative and protective properties into jade. 
Imperial jade pendant

Just look at this green pendant here which was on sale in Yangon's Bogyoke Market for $ 17.000. Actually I doubt that they finally really got that amount but it gives a good idea about the value this mineral has.

Raw boulder the jewelry is made from
Raw boulder the jewelry is made from (1)

Beautiful green cabochons
Beautiful green cabochons