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Natural Jade Jadeite & Other Colors, Jewelry plus natural and rough nephrite

Green jade jadeite, jewelry plus natural and rough nephrite. At the mines in Kachin State the rough mineral is produced, they were under Chinese rules about a thousand years ago. Today main nephrite source is Canada and there are other supplier e.g. New Zealand an Australia. All material is used to make jewelry, sculptures such as Buddha statues, ornaments and for decoration.

Lavender, green and white are most popular colors.

White is free of impurities, red contains iron, green has chromium traces, black the same plus iron add ins, yellow is with tantalum, purple contains chromium, iron and cobalt. Imperial with a high level of translucency is the most valuable, it is also very resistant to any chemicals.

The growing demand from China brings a continuous raise in prices. Since there is no real standard certification, such as with diamonds, the pricing is very volatile since everyone can interpret certain values into it.

On top of it certain people are cheating, as usual, by manipulation colors and translucency, this is done with special machinery heating up the items, acid is used to bleach, resin and high pressure to fill cracks, somehow similar as they do treatments with rubies.

Products on the international market are often called Zan Jade and speculators and profiteering business people try all kind of tricks to cheat the customers. Since the ratio between the volume produced in mines and the high demand from the Chinese market is widening, prices are soaring.

natural jade jadeite
This is natural jade jadeite from Myanmar

Natural is what the people want not tainted, just plain. With pretty saturated colors and a high level of translucency.

The market penetration of the high end material becomes higher as Myanmar is opening up it's borders and more people travel and have a look around.

Every day airplane loads from Beijing, Shanghai etc. are coming to have a tour through the country and this mineral is positioned top on the shopping list, read more.

Green jade natural and rough
Green jade natural and rough from Burma
pharkant jade mines

The Mines are only in northern Burma, by using heavy machinery from China whole mountains are broken apart and they turn every stone to find the valuable pieces.

There is no real explanation why only at this place on earth the material is found, maybe more will be discovered by extensive exploration. In the last decade new nephrite deposits have been found in China since the old sources are all exhausted, read more.

pharkant jade mines
Rough Jade

Rough Jade comes as boulders rocks and smaller pieces plus what people call river stone since its found there, probably washed away somewhere similar to gold.

It is always a problem when buying the stone in raw form because nobody can look into. Although people take torch lamps and try to figure out the transparency it is still a risky business and there are many out there who lost quite some money.

Actually it is common practice now that stones are cut before putting on display with this method it becomes a bit more safer to buy, read more.

Rough Jade
Creating Jadeite Carvings

Creating Jadeite & Nephrite, this is one of the oldest every day used materials by man. Tools have been made from, weapons such battle axes, arrow and lance tops.

It was used for ritual purposes and has some health properties when ground mixed with water and taken as a drink, people say this is good for kidneys. This days the only purpose of is for jewelry no other use is left and this is good so because recourses are dwindling and prices rising anyway, read more.

Creating Jadeite Buddha
Jade Quality

Quality parameter are are texture, translucency and color. More definitions are shiny, fat, water, luster and opaque.

The crystal structure of the mineral determines this, but all this is very vague and leaves plenty of space for interpretation, this is very crucial when figuring out the price, the ideas can be quite different. Evaluating the green stone is not easy and leaves plenty of space for cheating and the people do so. Probably the most important factor is the consistency of the color and the transparency, read more.

Jade color and texture
Imperial Jade Rings

Imperial Jade is what people are after it, this is the good stuff mined in northern Burma. A kind of top notch version of the mineral in emerald or spinach green plus a high degree in shininess. High end jewelry items are made from this variant.

It is rather used for smaller items such as rings, bangles and pendants because of the high value which easily can pass gold for a similar quantity. Very long time ago the top persons in the hierarchy could afford this but that has changed, there is not such a mystic factor in it anymore and wealth is also better distributed, read more.

This stone art is a Chinese specialty they make wonderful creations with some kind of fairy tales theme, full of mystic, ghosts and history. Other themes are sex scenes, landscapes and sculptures depicting animals such as horses, elephants, tigers, birds and more. Although most of the creations  are rather in the handicraft and arts and crafts section they show a high level of sophistication.

A specialty is to take a rock and carve or rather drill the scene out of it its somehow similar as doing artworks with other stones such as marble and granite but with the mineral it is much more difficult, read more.

jade pendant with diamonds

Together with Diamonds probably the best jewelry is made, because the white gem brings the "fire" and the shine. This combination is not very popular seen rather rarely, it looks as if people like the green stone in a pure way. Sometimes it can be see as necklaces and earrings, but it looks very attractive anyway.

From the color point of view it matches perfect because both have a somehow similar and light spectrum. If using both white gold, silver or platinum is mainly the base material, read more.

Jade Horses

Horses, elephants and birds are the main themes with animals. This sculptures are very decorative and a sure eye catcher in any home. Seeing how detailed and precise artwork is done it needs to pay respects to artisan, read more.

Here is a brief history about the gemstone in Myanmar which is jadeite and Chinese nephrite.

Jade Horses
yellow jade necklace

Necklaces are some of the most visible jewelry made together with bangles. This are one the few items where diamonds are often included into the composition. Different to pendants many pieces of the imperial type are used it easily can get very expensive.

This jewelry is often coming as a set with earrings and bracelets and surely they catch the attention because this is body decoration placed at most prominent positions where everyone can see it immediately. But it is not very safe to wear them since there are too many crooks around who would try to do a hit and run away with it, read more.

jade beads

Pearls & Beads usually are very colorful and some of this jewelry which most of time is in rather lower price category although they are very pretty.

Since plenty of colors are available it is possible to put just the right assortment together. This is also very durable because it is extremely hard almost like diamonds, read more.

Jade rings are attractive and visible jewelry, often people wear them not only as a precious decorative item but they interpret some mystic, health and protective property into it.

This is rather superstition but people believe it, they mainly come with white gold and silver because the "cool" shades fits best. The picture shows cabochons naturally there are other forms.

Interestingly a rather baroque design is the normality, modern forms are not many. Anyway this are beautiful and valuable items, read more.

nephrite jade horses

At the Silk Road Nephrite was moved to the west
as many other goods too. It was a very important trading item into China as rough material and out of finished goods such as jewelry and other.

Even Marco Polo mentioned this in his travelogues but all this was nephrite and often from the rivers where the minerals have been washed down from the mountains and became their slick forms. This were the things people like as body decoration, read more.

trading rough jade

Trading jadeite and nephrite is a very old business and the engine for this was the demand in China, its just as today but with other goods. The "Middle Kingdom" is a generator which kept things going for millennium because of the cleverness and sheer amount of the people.

Also the trade and manufacturing in Burma's Mandalay was started by some people from over the northern border. They had a simple task to satisfy the immense demand. In the beginning it was mainly transported via smuggling path, but this has changes now.

Today one of the biggest trading place it the biannual emporium in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar before this was done in Yangon, read more.

where to buy jade in yangon Where to buy jade? Yangon Myanmar's Bogyoke Market is the best place to purchase any Jade items, rough or jewelry and sculptures such as a Buddha. Hundreds of different variants of carved pieces of art are available too.

Most are very decorative and for sure a positive asset in ever home or office. As it is visible at the picture left various colors are available for chains, necklaces and other body decoration such as pendants, bangles earrings and more.

What is shown here is mainly jadeite which is more pretty and valuable than nephrite which is less brilliant and don't has such a great texture and less shades. For the low price segment that is just right.

Burma Jade Buddha White Burma Jade Buddha Burma Jade carving
This statues are all made from the good stuff and this is visible in the brightness and shining colors.
Burma Jade Shop
Burmese jadeite shop with some nephrite and
Jade Bangles Green and Blue
bangles in white, brown and blue
Imperial Jade Bangles
plus some shiny green bangles

This mineral

is in high demand, bracelets, pendants, bangles, earrings, all are defined as natural but many are nothing but manipulations mainly made in China, they do everything to get quick money by cheating others, I think this gangster would even sell their grandmother or daughter for quick cash.

If you intend to buy any item take at least a 10 times magnifying glass and check for micro-gaps with fillings, just take a torchlight and light into the object from a wide angle.

Natural jade jadeite
Rough natural green jadeite at Yangon Emporium
Creating Nephrite and Jadeite Items

Check when buying jade
Check when buying jadeite at Mae Sot Thailand, often the quality is not good, using a light and the eye of an expert quickly sort the good from the bad.

Dealer take so called “dirty stones” and use a strong acid  immersion to remove the “dirt” and increase transparency plus inject epoxy resin with very high pressure to close micro cracks.

The treated material looks great in the beginning and fetches high prices because of this, but after about two years its losing its luster and cracks get visible.

When buying also have a closer look at the color with torch lamp and check for
green cracks filling.

For the material, in particular so called spinach green color with good translucency and other such as lavender, prices are high and rising.

rough nephrite jade
Rough nephrite from Canada is a very pretty stone and is exported worldwide also to China.


from British Columbia mines have about 70% percent of the market. As usual there are fake stones around this can be can be aventurine quartz and serpentine. Chrysoprase is mined in Australia, a other variant is opaque dolomite marble from Malaysia.

Minor mines are also in Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and Russia. When buying higher priced items insist on a spectroscopy test in a lab.

The value has a direct correlation to color, transparency or translucency, texture, flaws, cracks and so on.   

Jade Jadeite Pendant
adeite pendant with diamonds give a pretty and attractive picture.

Common is green, white, red, purple, lavender and yellow, this are also most popular, emerald or imperial has the highest commercial value. It fetches top prices with rich color, good brightness and a high level of translucency. This is defined as translucent, opaque, emerald green and as indicated the more transparent, the higher the value.

Texture refers to the structure, since it is a composition of various minerals, it has a mostly fibrous and granular structure. If there are spots, cracks etc. the value tumbles. If the grain size is small and showing a good opaque structure prices are high, actually there is no limit at the top.

According to the particle size of the mineral it can be divided into dense texture with fine grade and medium and coarse grain size. Considering all this parameter it is visible how difficult evaluation is.

jade pendant & gold
A green pendant with gold gives a impressive piece of jewelry its not so easy to put this things together since the green mineral is a extremely hard stone.
Jade Jadeite Trading
Green jade trading at the precious stones emporium.
The trade show takes place two times per year and gems for several hundred million dollars change hands. Even rough stones are very expensive.

Trading is good business, even a rough stones with flaws can fetch good prices as long as color and texture is ok. Take a very close look with a magnifying glass and a torch lamp to detect flaws in the mineral.

At manufacturing there is carving and drilling, the technology of the tools plays a important factor to bring out good colors, especially when carving. For excellent jewelry the manufacturing technology is very important.

All mines are in northern Kachin State or "Upper Burma" and since there is still an "almost war" lingering

Jade Mining
Jade Mining in Kachin State

between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the Myanmar State military sometimes fighting erupt.








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