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Burmese Jade Photos of jewelry, rough items and sculptures of Jade-Jadeite

Jade Colors
Jade Colors are many everyone will find a suitable one
Jade in Burma
Jade in Burma is not the only mineral found in country, there are plenty of other as you can see here.
Green jade colors
Jadeite stone at a Emporium in Yangon
Burmese Jadeite Jade
Jadeite sculptures in a Yangon shop

Jade Pendant and Jade Ring
Jade Pendants and Rings with green color

Raw Burmese Jadeite
Rough Burmese Jadeite in various colors

Raw Jadeite
Rough Jadeite from a shop in Bogyoke market Yangon
Jade Jewelry
Jade Jewelry mixed with diamonds
Jade Bracelets

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