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Burmese Jade Jadeite, rough and jewelry

The green stones coming from Myanmar are always jadeite and that's the better material for exquisite carving and sculptures. There are two variants, the one here we know and  the other is nephrite from China and other mines worldwide. The first one is mostly smuggled or officially imported from Burma and just called Chinese once it's in the country but finally nobody cares anyway where the mineral is coming from, the people want beautiful items, this is usually jewelry, a Buddha statue or other sculptures.

Jadeite is a very special stone there are some more production sites in other countries but the quality is not as good as the stuff in Kachin State. The mineral has a high price tag especially when a few parameters come together, that means emerald like green color, luster and smooth texture, translucency and no cracks. Because of the awakening of the giant across the border in the last few years demand is rising sharply because this is what ladies like and they have access to more and more money.

All old and new Chinese jade is nephrite

because there are large deposits of nephrite there. Jadeite came to the middle kingdom in the 18th century via border trade during British colonial times, but since this northern part of the country was part of China for a limited period more than thousand years ago it was probably traded long before but there are no written records. When the stones come over the border it become Yunnan Jade.

The color spectrum is wide

most popular are green, white and lavender, the more transparent the higher the value. The stone is very popular since it has a mystic aura built up over three thousand years and maybe more. Stores selling genuine jade are many at the Bogyoke market in Yangon, the premier bazaar in the country and a fabulous oriental shopping mall for all kind of precious stones, handicrafts, artworks, Buddha items such as "paintings" and statues, antiques and plenty of other item. This market has probably the highest density of jadeite stores in the worldwide, here is more about.

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Burmese Jade Buyer
Burmese jade jadeite buyer at Yangon Emporium
Jade Ring
green jadeite pendants
Burmese Jade Bangles
Jade in Burma is used for lots of different jewelry
Rough jadeite
Burmese jadeite stones cut of to see the colors
Jadeite Buddha
A laughing Buddha carved from Burma jade
Buddha Statue with gold and ruby dust

The material is mined around  Mogaungin and other dykes in Kachin state in the north before the high mountains which are extending from the Tibetan Himalayas.

Boulders of good quality are sometimes up to around fifty meters below ground and several hundred tons heavy, it's plentiful but the real good one is difficult to find since how to look into the stone? Usually they cut boulders into pieces to get an idea but it's still vague and not only one buyer got a unpleasant surprise after buying the rough material sometimes even almost "blind" at the emporium in Rangoon.

Jade shops selling creative jewelry

and this is not only here. Probably the most sophisticated creations come from China. They work since several thousand years with this material means they know it. Sometimes statues and sculptured, figurines etc. look rather like "Kitsch" to much of fairy tale inspired. But they have different tastes and values.

Now focusing in jade items, it is always amazing to see how people are after a pendant, preferable with a Buddha carving. A ring is also not so bad, often visible on the fingers of the guys, they interpret some curative and protective mystic power into it.

This mineral is used for all kind of body decoration, sometimes it gets real expensive. A excellent bangle with a light and dark green texture and a high amount of translucency goes easily for around 2-3 thousand dollars at the Bogyoke Aung San Market in Rangoon.

The variants and volume of different green items is overwhelming and the demand is ever growing in particular since people get more money into the pocket and they are also willing to spend it, one item they spend on is jewelry.

Burmese jade can be very valuable

is sometimes higher than other precious stones such as rubies or even diamonds because high grade is even more rare, especially in imperial green or maybe in black as this pendant at right side.

Almost everyone can afford to buy it since the price range is very wide there are genuine
bangles for around $ 7,- and at another store for $ 3000,- its amazing.

One of the problems with this items is there are no defining parameter as with diamonds e.g. everyone is "cooking his own soup". This automatically leads to cheating especially if someone is not an expert. Mention this material and ideas of a mystic, almost sacred stones with beautiful colorful pop in our mind. Some associate it with body decoration others with mysticism.

Raw jadeite is basically a rock or boulder extracted down from until around 50m, it is used to create beautiful items such as a Buddha sculptures, pendants, rings, bangles, necklaces and more.

Extracted from the earth by mining and with very different levels of value, there are also fake items since everywhere where there is quick cash to be made the crooks are not far away.

Interestingly this green stone is seldom used together with other materials such as gold or silver. There are item with metal around but relatively rare, the green stone look attractive by itself no need to supportive materials. Sometimes Buddha statues are decorated with ruby and gold dust.

rough jade emporium Rangoon
jade pendant
Burmese jade pendant black
Jade in Burma comes from black and everything in between to pure white
Rough jadeite at Yangon Emporium
Rough Burmese jade at the Yangon Emporium
Burmese Jade Buddha
A laughing Buddha made from Burmese jade
Jade Buddha Statues
Jade Colors
Jade colors have a broad spectrum as it is visible on the bracelets
Green Burma jade Lavender Jadeite Green jade Buddha pendants Transparent Green Jade Buddha Pendant        
Jade Buddha White Gold White Jade Buddha Laughing Jade Buddha Green Jade Buddha White Jadeite Buddha
jadeite bangles
Burmese jadeite jade at a market in
Yangon Myanmar

 Shop at Bogyoke Market Yangon
Everywhere where there are Chinese people are plenty of jade stores
Jadeite Bangles
Jade colors

come in a wide spectrum although this gemstone looks quite pretty in every color. Some Chinese interpret healing powers and protective properties into the stone, others just use it as body decoration, others think as an investment which could be a good idea because reasonable resources in terms of quality and quantity are limited almost uniquely to northern Burma.

Considering some billion people across the border who like this mineral, there is a huge market. Prices do not fluctuate much, actually they only move upwards in recent years and this will be continuing.

As with other gemstones its rarity, texture, jade colors and translucency which counts, the mineral is cut, carved and polished mostly by Chinese experts.

Before buying jade in the higher price range have the pieces of desire checked by an independent lab since there is too much cheating going on.

Some put the stones into acid, treat them with extreme heat and pressure and fill raisins into to eliminate crack and so on. The treated piece looks great for about 2-3 years and will deteriorate after, the genuine piece not.

In the beginning of 2011 a Chinese state enterprise bought a huge load of boulders for several hundred millions of dollars, they cut and carve them in China.

Since Burma is not used to absorb such a large dollar sum the currency market in Rangoon went crazy and finally the local currency, the Kyat, went up almost 30% to the dollar.

The result was their marine products and other exports became to expensive that no one wanted to buy at that prices. Still today (2012) jadeite prices are about 2-3 times higher than 2011.

White Jade Pendant
lavender pendant
Lavender jadeite pendant is not a cheap item
Burmese Jade Slabs

Jade jadeite in various forms and sizes
Burmese Jade Pendants
Jade Buddha Chinese Jade Buddha White Jade Laughing Buddha  
White Jade Buddha with gold ornaments Green Jade Buddha Standing Jade Buddha Green White Jade Buddha with Ruby and Gold Dust Decoration  
Bracelets and Jadeite Colors
Bracelets and Jadeite Colors at Bogyoke Market
Burma Jade Colors
Burma Jade Colors have a wide spectrum

Burma Jade Bangles

How Jadeite is formed

The rocks crystallized under high pressure in certain geological conditions millions of years ago. The material itself has no color but when trace elements such as iron, aluminum, manganese, magnesium move in under extreme pressure colors appear. This natural process is copies today with to make low quality material look like high quality which finally is a fake.

With traces of chromium and magnesium it becomes imperial green; this is Burmese jade and is only mined in the northern part of the country.

Usual colors are lavender, white, red, green, purple, yellow and other. Traces of chromium produce green color, with traces of manganese it becomes lavender and purple without impurities its white. A blend with iron brings dark red and bright red. If chromium was present at the time the stone was formed different hues in the blue color spectrum are the result. This stone was formed under high pressure and relatively low temperature, maybe around 300 Celsius, conditions.

This is a high density gemstone

and if feels more heavy than usual stone it could be genuine jade. The genuine jade must feel smooth cool and somehow a bit like a soap, after holding it the hand it should warm up from the body temperature if this happen there is a good chance it is pure jade.

Burma jade

is getting more popular prices are rising continuously one spike into the sky was when a jade necklace was auctioned at November 1997 at Christies in Hong Kong for more than 70 million Hong Kong dollars.

Jadeite is known as the best variant of the mineral.  For Chinese people Jade somehow indicates good fortune, health and wealth. The quality is determined by color, texture, translucency and smoothness means no cracks etc. Since the mineral is only mined in upper Burma and top quality is not easy to find it is a coveted jewelry and collectorís item. Since buying power of Chinese people (they are the main buyer) increased a lot in recent yearís prices are steadily rising.


Rough Burma Jade
Rough Burma Jade in many color variants
green jade Buddha pendant
Beautiful green Buddha pendant
Pure Imperial Jade Pendant
Pure Imperial Jade Pendant at a shop in Bogyoke
Market, price around $ 17.000
Jade Bracelets
Jade jewelry come in many colors and variants such as bracelets,
bangles and more

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