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Jade Buddha Sculptures

A Jade Buddha sculpture represents peace and wealth, that's one of the reasons its so popular Jade Buddha's come in all variants, sizes, forms and colors. Statues, figurines and other religious items Buddhist buy have a mythical touch and look good.

This are some of the most decorative items one can place in house, a real eye catcher and the others also immediately want a similar statue. The little problem will be the price since below around $ 2000,- there are no real good carved statues.

Sculptures show most of the time a seated one

with soles turned upward and locked in the lotus position, the right hand in the earth-touching mudra, symbolizing the moment of enlightenment, this is the prevalent iconography of this figures,

only a laughing Buddha sculpture is more popular this days. The main difference is looking at a pendant it is almost not possible to see any details since pendants are to small and most high end pendants are made from translucent material which make them shining through ironing out any details.

It needs at least figurines of a minimum of around 10 cm height to see some real artwork. Today they come made from jadeite which is the better type of the green stone, the other nephrite. Jadeite come from northern Myanmar and is often smuggled into China and Thailand.

Beside of statues, images, sculptures, figurines, there are pendants, beautiful carved items and quite affordable. With many of this items peace is the idea, sometimes a laughing Buddha or other sculpture are encrusted with gold and rubies to give a very special and expensive touch.

The market is drifting to the high end since this is were the top demand is and considering the rising purchasing power of Chinese people the wipe off the market.

A pendant, maybe a carving

or with flower motives, dragons, horses and mythical themes are available in every bigger city in Asia, among them at Kuala Lumpur central market, in Singapore shop, various places in Bangkok and of course at 

Pendant Green & Lavender
Green & Lavender
Pendant Green
Slightly translucent
Lavender Jade Buddha Pendant
Dark Lavender  Pendant
Pendant Transparent White
White transparent
Translucent Pendant
Green transparent
Chinese Jade Sculpture
Chinese Jade Buddha Statues
carved jade Buddha pendant
Green pendant with a somehow milky impression

Yangon Myanmar etc.. The main question here is buy jadeite or nephrite items. Up market shop are at the Sands Casino shopping mall at Marina Bay Singapore and in every big city on planet where there is a substantial Chinese population. There are always two subjects to consider, to buy a jadeite statue or nephrite sculptures. Asking where did the statue come from is again a dual question since there are two variants.

The first come from Myanmar, the second often come from China and other countries since nephrite is mined worldwide among them are Canada, New Zealand and more. Some have a somehow mystic connection to the green stone, a symbol for good, pure and noble and on top of that it is very decorative.

Several cultures used the mineral for different purposes such as Mayas and Olmecs in the Americas but nowhere is this green stone so deeply rooted in culture. Ornamental plaques have been detected up to around 7000 years back in excavations of the Hsing Lumg culture in Inner Mongolia. Over time sculptures where placed inside temples made from the green stone, and sometimes white stone plus a combination of them.

The Jade Buddha Temple sculpture in Shanghai is probably the most famous, built in 1882, destroyed in 1911 and rebuilt in 1928. Two white statues are still there, they are crafted from excellent material and have been imported from the country long time ago,

looks very decorative
A very decorative item.
green and lavender jade sculpture
Lavender and green sculptures

Jade Buddha sculpture with ruby and gold dust
With ruby and gold dust

Statues at Boyoke Market Yangon
Statues for sale at Bogyoke Market Yangon

White & Lavender Statues
White & Lavender carvings

Jade Art Jadeite Shop white jade sculpture

in this temple there is no reclining Buddha.

Its Chinese craftsmanship with is probably of the best quality in terms of carving and sculpturing which brings artwork to “life”.

Two statues of Lord Gautama Buddha made from ornamental white stone resides in the Temple in Shanghai. They were imported from Burma (Myanmar) in the late 19th century during the Qing Dynasty.

An abbot named Hui Gen from Mount Putuo, went on a pilgrimage via Tibet, he met a resident named Chen Jun-Pu, who donated five statues to Hui Gen, who transported two of them back to Jiang-wan, Shanghai. Here, Hui Gen built a temple to house them with donated funds and died shortly thereafter.

The temple was occupied and destroyed in the year 1911 uprising which overthrew the Qing Dynasty but the statues were safe. They were shifted to the current location.

The structure was rebuilt within a span of 10 years from 1918 – 1928. Since 1928, thousands of worshipers poured in everyday to signify their devotion to the Lord and in recent times this has turned into a must- see spot for tourists.

Here are two Sakyamuni sculptures, one is a sitting Buddha, 1.9 meters tall and weighs 3 tones, while the other is a smaller reclining. They are crafted out of a single piece of white ornamental stone and are studded with precious stones.
Here are laughing sculptures

and although the history is not very long, the old-time and classical architectural style makes it more appealing in this modern city.

The sitting one is kept in the tower and the reclining is placed in the recumbent hall of the temple.

The sitting signifies the moment of his meditation and enlightenment. In the reclining the sedate face shows the peaceful mood of the lord when he died. This posture and shape is called the 'lucky repose'.

This Buddha sculptures
Green Jade Sculpture
Lavender and white sculpture
With Ruby and Gold Dust
Laughing Jade Buddha
Chinese Jade Art
Chinese Jade Buddha
Happy Buddha
Standing Green Statue

are some of the most venerated statues in the world. Even today, many devotees come daily to pray and worship.

The shrine now also contains a much larger reclining one made of marble, donated from Singapore and is home to a number of ancient other creations, rare paintings and scriptures or Tripitaka. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Shanghai primarily because of the priceless sculptures.


Reclining Buddha
Sleeping green jade Buddha

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