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Jade jewelry shops and for sale

Jade jewelry such as bracelets, bangles, pendants, necklaces, earrings and more beautiful items, attractive and
Most jewelry has two things in common, first its natural and second it's Myanmar jadeite. All what's called Chinese jade is usually nephrite and if it is jadeite it's actually imported from Myanmar as raw and manufactured into sculptures and other pieces of art, such as Buddha statues etc..

There is a wide spectrum of colors such as green, white, lavender, black, brown, blue, pink and purple are most popular.

Carved items come in all variants

plus amulets and pendants usually depicting a Buddha image. Blue jade is found in Guatemalan and Honduran, already the Maya and Olmecs used it to make various items, including knives for religious ceremonies and weapons.

Imperial jade items are real special and can fetch high prices, in particular when the item shows a high degree of translucency. But it is necessary to
be careful when buying, bead, a Buddha, dragon and other since sometimes technical means are used to make a highly valued piece of out of a poor one.

green jade bracelet Jade Bangle Lavender White White Jade Buddha Pendant

To enhance, some chemicals are injected,

means finally it gets the desired look und value but it will fade away after about 3 years, this is done in China and also in
Myanmar. A normal buyer who take this item form the store is not able to recognize it the difference.
Intending to buy great things for over about $ 1000,- take a expert with you to be protected

Lavender Jade Buddha Pendant Lavender Jade Buddha Pendant Green Jade Buddha Pendant

Everywhere where there is a high amount of Chinese population jades are in high demand such as in Singapore selling high end items at the Sands Casino Mall at Marina Bay.

At Myanmar is one of the biggest sales shop cluster in the world with dozens of stores in Yangonís Bogyoke market.

This is the premier jadeite bazaar

in the world there are real beautiful items available which are often expensive, some are very expensive and others also pretty can be purchased for a bargain price, it needs some bargaining and flexibility.

On the other hand at least this is genuine and non manipulated, the selection is enormous there is no place on earth with so many high quality and low quality jade shops side by side. This is not only for jewellery items there are also fine sculptures of Buddha usually in green and white up to around 1.80 meters high, bigger on request, but the price moves up exponentially with the size, this are a real eye catcher and some of them are even encrusted with gold and ruby dust. There are also mythical Chinese figures.

jade bracelets
Bracelets and bangles are the most used items made from jade.
jade diamond jewelry
Jade jewelry at a Lavalier Singapore shop in Sands Casino Marina Bay Shopping Mall

The stores also offer wholesale, actually all this is amazingly low priced if not absolute top notch imperial items are demanded. There are other markets in the city.

Jade diamond jewelry look always good, it implicates value and beauty and is a real "eye catcher" as body decoration of a women, read more about necklaces, earrings are rather seldom since they cant be seen very good but can also look great and have exceptional value with the right material and metal combination all this is available at plenty of  shops with dreams of most Chinese women.

jade specialist
Specialist checking the green stone

A very interesting jade market is at Mae Sot in Thailand. Everyday the people smuggle the items into, the border is quite open. On the main road are dozens of shops, including specialists to evaluate if needed.

They usually take it and have it analyzed it only needs a small torchlight to tell everything to a specialist. There are also cheap jade items just sold at the street.

All is quite cheap, a genuine bangle start at $ 10,- and even this looks quite impressive and you can be sure its pure because for such a low price no one start a fake process, it would be to costly.

In Chinese thinking the mineral might be used to interact with heaven and propitiate the powers. Traditionally they associate it with their five cardinal virtues: charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom.

Philosophers taught that, swallowed under the right conditions, would confer the ability to live for thousands of years, the power of rendering oneself invisible, and the ability to fly. There are, of course, few who continue to hold to such beliefs about jadeite, but aside from the superstitions attaching to jade and jade jewelry, it is, in fact, a very beautiful stone. In most parts of southeast Asia if you observe Chinese ladies dressed up well, they are seldom without.

Carved Jade Bangle
Carved bangles are sometimes real art
Jade pendants
Pendants are some of the most used items
Jade rings
Rings have often a rather conservative design

Pendants are second most popular

jewellery items made from the mineral. Highly appreciated are green jades with carvings, They come in different sizes and prices, as usual the most translucent saturated it is, the higher the price.

Rings are also quite on demand, polished, with fine textures and no cracks set into white gold or maybe platinum, looks great, often the stone has some carved motives.

Bangles are the most used pieces of body decoration and since there are many stones that bear a strong resemblance to jade, it needs to be careful at buying.

If the piece of desire will be a more expensive item, lets say over around $ 1000,- take an expert with you to determine the value since the seller will tell you anything you want to hear to finish the deal and once you bought its difficult to retreat so its better to be careful at the beginning.

The technical methods to create a gorgeous piece out of a a rather not valuable one are stunning and the buyer as a amateur is not capable to figure out what's good and what not.

Especially Chinese people are very creative in creating fake items. Many Chinese believe that if a person wears this and is involved in an accident, the thing will be broken but its wearer will be protected.

For Chinese the green stone is "the quintessence of heaven and earth," even surpassing diamonds in value because of the mythical component which often offsets the sheer material value, this is rapidly changing since it moves into mainstream.

Fashion jewelry is a cultural

look that somehow evolved in the last few thousand years and became mainstream, at least in China, when opening up the country a couple of years ago. Since there was no possibility and  money to get this kind of jewelry before there is a a huge gap to fill because every women in the country like to buy that body

Green Jade jewelry
Green Jade Pendant Jewelry and Diamonds
Green Stone
Green Stone for auction at the Yangon Emporium

decoration, although for them this is not only decoration it is rooted in mythology and mysticisms since long time before. Before it was a everyday item now itís mainly jewelry  and more. Since it is available in almost any color itís easy to match clothing with a universal style and elegance.

Most jewels using the green stone are delightfully designed and it is not much blended with other precious stones, maybe a diamond here and there, some silver or whit gold add on and thatís it. Itís for people with an obsession for creative things without losing the focus, its typical Chinese. Its for natural beauty fans who like it pure since that finally impress everyone. This is somehow ethnic, but it defines more, such as history and values.

Our website tries to make the user understand jade and indicate the traps when buying jade. To show the value and beauty of jade, jadeite plus nephrite. This is for people who want to look a bit different yet conservative stylish.

Buddha jade pendants

often have carving with good details but sometimes not and other figures such as elephant, dragon and other mythical carvings. Other  items are amulets, knives plus more.

Metals around jades can be somehow important since it allows light to return from the stone and increase reflection but is rather seldom to see, it looks as if the people like it pure, no wonder since there is already enough cheating going on.

As it can be seen at the pictures the mineral is used in a wide spectrum of jewellery items such as pendants, earrings, rings, amulets, Buddha pendants, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and more.

Expensive jewelry items

usually are made from jadeite the green raw material from Myanmar or Burma. Some Chinese believe that this is a living stone; its color deepens over time being of supernatural origin. There are two separate stones that go by this name: nephrite, a silicate of calcium and magnesium, and jadeite a silicate of sodium and aluminum. The fondness from an old Chinese legend which tells how an

jade jewellery bangles jade bangles
pendants green jadeite pendant nephrite pendant
nephrite pendant jade dragon pendant round green pendant
jade earring leaves round green earrings jade and gold necklace

ancient king was once cured of an illness by wearing a jade jewelry. Many Chinese like to wear it because of its alleged protective and curative powers. It can be worked into exquisite pieces such as bangles jewelry, beads, earrings, hairpins and more.

Interestingly, that name "nephrite,"

from the Greek word for kidney, reflects the idea that ground-up jade is a cure for kidney ills. The difference between jadeite and nephrite is not big, its color, texture and hardness. Jadeite brings better saturated colors and takes a higher  polish, while nephrite looks more oily than glossy.

Although China has long been the emporium for art objects fashioned in jade it is only seldom found in China anymore, since deposits are depleted. The green stone is imported from other countries, notably Myanmar or Burma. But now nephrite comes from New Zealand, and jadeite mainly from Myanmar.

It is also often found in riverbeds where it has been washed down from the mountains. It is also quarried from mountains, but for some reason Chinese prefer riverbed jade, its very smooth. As seen at the photos here jadeite comes in a variety of colors ranging from pure white, through yellow, red, and blue to black which all is the right material to create beautiful jewelry.

jade bangles
Bangles, pendants and necklaces

most common in all price ranges are, the deeper the green and the better transparency the higher the price.

The price of jades varies tremendously, more is involved than just the intrinsic value of a piece. Color, shape, quality and especially age and golden Myanmar play important roles. In 1960 a piece of carved Chinese jade jewelry was sold at auction for over $16,000.

Jade Prices

vary around the world, too. In Hong Kong a item can be obtained for as little as $4. In Myanmar or Burma, the main source of Jadeite this days, one can get a very pretty bangle for about $ 10,- in the Bogyoke Aung Sang market in Yangon or Rangoon, but the same shop also sells bangles for around $ 5000,- it depends how the precious piece looks like. But in Europe and America higher prices for jade jewelry usually prevail. A foremost manufacturer of Hong Kong is quoted as saying that if a stone is too 

jade necklaces and more jade ring buddha pendant
translucent jade Buddha pendant green jade bangles light blue bangles
jade ring prices rings bangles

dark, say, moss green, or too light, with much yellow tint, that is the sign of an inferior stone. The best quality jewelry is lush green, vibrant, with a lot of shine in it. It must be almost translucent

In 1860 a British expedition to Peking sacked the Emperor's Summer Palace and stole many of his magnificent jades. If one sees an object today marked "from the Summer Palace, Peking," then one can be assured of excellent quality, if the tag is telling the truth. British probably were one of the biggest thieves of all time, everywhere they came they stole and looted, this was especially bad in Myanmar and India plus some African countries.

Jadeite jewelry come in many colors

among them are blue, purple, pink, red, lavender and almost every other color. White, green and lavender are very common in jewelry. Some are bright colors other are rather diffuse or mixed. Although this mineral looks best as a standalone item it is often set together with white gold, platinum or silver because neutral silver shade complements the rather cool color spectrum best. Red and yellow also looks good with yellow gold.

Men's jewelry are usually rings with one large gemstone dominating, there are old fashioned cabochon designs but also very modern creations, this are simple and beautiful in various carving patterns and shapes. As pendants people like dragons, Buddha carvings, Chinese characters, flowers and more, this is translucent to opaque

chinese or nephrite jewelry

Nephrite jewelry are popular

also know as Chinese jade are often low priced items, very popular with the young crowd since everything fits together, colors, styling, a fresh design and a low price tag. Although available in a variety of colors but they are not as intense.







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