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Jade Photos, Pictures & Images of Jewelry

Jade photos convey a exotic oriental world but not only that, Olmecs and Mayans also used jade as body decoration, Olmec blue jade is probably the finest with this color. This very hard material which is full of myths mainly among Chinese people. Full of superstitions but beautiful as jade jewelry, Jade Buddhas and other for other purposes.

Green Jade Pendants

Jadeite and to a certain extend nephrite pictures make the beauty and mystic around the green stone visible, they tell really more than thousand words.

Jade Photos
Jade Photos from Bogyoke market Yangon Myanmar the premier jadeite market in the world.
Jade Shop Pictures

  Jewels Jade Pictures
Jade Jewels Pictures of green and black bracelets
jade pics
Pics of chains from various colors put together with silver
  Jade Pictures
Pictures from Bogyoke Aung San Market Yangon
Jade Photos Boyoke Market Yangon
Jade Photos Bogyoke Market Yangon
  Raw Jade Images
Raw jade images with stones and slabs in various colors
Raw Jade Pics
More rough jade pictures of slabs and rocks of green and dark stones
Jade Bangles Green Red and White
Jade Bangles Green Red, green and White
Less expensive Jade Bangles
Less expensive and more bangles and bracelets

Jade Buddha Images

  Jade Pics of Buddha Buddha jade pics

White Jade Buddha
White Jade Buddha with gold & ruby dust

Lavender Jade Buddha
Lavender Jade Buddha

Jade Buddha Statue with ruby and gold dust
Statue with ruby and gold dust

Jade Gold Buddha
Jade & Gold Buddha
Jade Picture
Jade Picture of sitting Buddha
Buddha Jade Picture
Carved Buddha Jade a real artwork
White Jade Picture
White Jade Buddha and more
Jade Buddha Sitting
Buddha Sitting
Chinese sculpture
Chinese Mythological Sculpture
Jadeite carvings
Jadeite carvings
Laughing Buddha Statue
Laughing Buddha Statue
Jade Buddha Pics
Laughing Jade Buddha
Laughing Jade Buddha from white jadeite
Laughing Jade Buddha
Laughing white Jade Buddha and with gold plus ruby dust

Jade Buddha Pendant
Translucent Jade Buddha Pendant Light Blue and Lavender

Translucent Jade Buddha Pendant Green
Translucent Jade Buddha Pendant Green

Burmese Jade Pendant White Green Jade Dragon Pendant Green white jade pendant more
Jade Buddha Pictures
Jade Pendant Pictures
More pictures
Jade Pictures
Sculpture artwork is very decorative
Jade Buddha
Laughing Jade Buddha is one of the bestseller
Jade Pictures
although very expensive
jade necklace and pendant
Jade Photos of necklace and pendant
jade diamond necklace pendant
Diamond & necklace pendant
Jade Earrings
Jade Pictures of Earrings and diamonds
Pictures from the Kuala Lumpur Jade Museum
antique jade banglean old chinese jade battle-ax
 Antique Bangle                                                                                          an old Chinese jade battle-ax
Jade Images
Jade images of chains in different colors

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