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Natural Lavender Jade Jewelry Jadeite


Usually its white natural jade-jade jadeite with lavender colored parts. Since most fine material comes from Burma beautiful objects such as statues, bangles, pendants and other can be seen on a larger scale at the Bogyoke market in Yangon, the premier market around the green stone in the world.


There is also a biannual emporium at the new capital Naypyidaw, the emporium for Myanmar precious stones was held at Yangon before.

One of the great thing is its not an exclusive and rare item, all this depends at the composition, at the market there are jade bangle for $ 10,- and others for $ 4000,-. Naturally there is quite a difference in color (deep green is Imperial Jade und very expensive) texture, are there cracks, is there translucency and so on. At a market like the Bogyoke Aung San Market some creative stuff is on display, in the past designs were very conservative which is changing partly into trendy jewelry designs.

At a jewelry shop natural items

are demanded. In general its quite conservative jewelry design since the main buyer are Chinese women over 40 who have some money to


spend, younger ladies usually buy lower priced items. But demand is growing rapidly over the whole spectrum which brings in crooks who try to make quick money with fake and manipulated items. These crooks are almost exclusively Chinese who put below average quality items into acid and get resins under high pressure into the stone. The items look good when sold but after, around 3 years they are just rubbish which becomes very important to understand at least a bit how to identify quality, first rule is take a magnifying lens and torch light with this basic tools plenty of fake items already can be identified if its natural authentic or not.

Highly polished lavender jade

with intense colors and a good value of translucency is highly priced. This type of jadeite is also often used for bigger items such as a Jade Buddha Sculpture since the prices are still in a manageable region those bigger items cant be done with imperial jade or other top green since the prices will be simply to high. That's one of the reason why Buddha statues from over about 40cm height are mostly done in white and lavender.

The best place to have a look for lavender jade jewelry, statues, sculptures and other is the Bogyoke Market in Yangon. See the picture below it gives a good idea what is available there and there is much more. Lavender is together with white the material often used for bigger sculpturing but not only.

Myths are surrounding the mineral such as stone of heaven,

stone of immortality and sometimes living stone which comes because the longer it is worn on the body the more the color changes which simply is a result of sweat and other circumstances around the skin but superstition is always with us and probable the highest level of it is with Chinese people. So what about a great lavender Buddha? Usually people  

Lavender Jade Buddha
Lavender colored Buddha

relate it to green, the Chinese built up a dictionary of more than hundred definitions of green, this sounds like green nature and snow, certain vegetable and green, the sky, the sea and so on. Green is the most common but other colors such as lavender, white, pink, brown and variants of red are on display in the shops. It is easy to find the right to match skin tones plus clothing you wear another idea could be to go with the season, means winter cooler tones summer warmer. Have a quick look at your wardrobe, it’s easy to figure out which color you prefer and since jade colors are over the whole spectrum the right match is not far away.

Unfortunately most people only want green since this is the most popular but there are beautiful other colors. Since it is not very easy to find these colors in all qualities go online and  search around. If it once coincidently happen that you are on tour through Asia or live there do a stopover in Myanmar, Yangon is the center of gravity in the world for it.

Jade Bangle

Also rubies, lapis, sapphires plus the whole assortment of semi precious stones are available there, great deals could be made since this is the sources at Bogyoke Market Yangon.

As with jade jewelry

and other precious stones certain minerals and impurities penetrated the stone over millions of years when the earth was still formed under immerse heat and pressure. Chromium add forms the best imperial green.

Jade Jewelry
Pretty lavender bangle

The result is, almost any color is available, blue is mainly found in today Guatemala and Honduras, all other top quality stones always come from upper Burma or northern Myanmar. Actually it is mined worldwide, but most found is the lower grade form

 which is nephrite, in Myanmar jadeite is mined, that’s the “good stuff” in the stone. This mineral is always related to China and when their deposits got exhausted they were searching for other supply, northern Burma started to deliver, these deposits were known to them since hundreds of years because in a short period in history this was Chinese territory.

Finally jadeite is better than nephrite

anyway since it has better shiny colors and is much harder. The colors, notably imperial green, but also lavender, blue, brown, red and pink are the most sought after colors.

Jade Stone

In general, when buying ask the seller to go with you outside the shop into normal light, the lights in the shops don't show the real color, this is also very relevant in any high end jewelry shop, they have special lighting which let the items look much better than in normal daylight. There are a couple of great shops in Singapore as seen at the pictures.





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