Jadeite Jade from Myanmar

About high quality Jadeite Jade

Since this material simply looks better in terms of colors and the overall appearance many people today prefer it to nephrite which is the second variant of the mineral.

This is ideal for carvings and also used for a Buddha statues, sculptures, pendants, bangles, necklaces and other jewelry. These days its Myanmar material for sale and real good quality items are rather rare and quite expensive. Actually they get continuously more expensive since more Chinese people can afford to buy it.

Jadeite Jade Buddha
Jadeite Jade Buddha

Color is like the rainbow from white to infinite 

with every shade in between; most popular is lavender, green and white. The deep green is also known as Imperial Jade and fetches the best prices considering it has the right parameter. 

Jadeite earclips and pendants with purple color
Often manufacturers try to manipulate the gems by filling cracks with raisin under high pressure and “enhance” the color via heat treatment and / or keeping the stones in a chemical solution to bleach for a while. Since they don’t tell this to customers the buyer has a bad surprise after 2-3 years when the jewelry deteriorates.
Beautiful sculpture with shiny translucency

One of the problem is there are no basic parameters which can be used as a guideline such as with diamonds and the 4C's.

There is also some material less shiny and colorful this is the "good stuff" and it is relatively affordable, the necklaces and pendants here are all around $ 50,- and they look gorgeous. All this is real genuine with some silver in between. There is no enhancements or similar just pure natural stones.

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